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Komax Wire Handling Equipment

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Komax ADS 112

The ads 112 wire pull machine is the perfect choice for the optimum feeding of wires from reels, Conipacks or drums.

Wire is transported by two synchronous toothed belts.

Komax ADS 112

Komax ADS 115

With the Komax ads 115 wire feed system, you can feed wire gently, continuously and rapidly at high processing speeds. 

Komax ADS 115
Komax ADS 119

Komax ADS 119

The Komax ads 119 wire delivery system is ideal for de-reeling medium-heavy reels weighing up to 100kg.

Komax ADS 123

Komax ADS 123

Capable of handling reels weighing up to 600kg, this wire delivery system from the ads series (advanced delivery system) is the ultimate in heavy-duty wire delivery systems.

Komax F1110

Komax F1110 pre-feeder

The F1110 is a sophisticated wire feeding system for the fully automatic wire processing machines in the Alpha and Gamma ranges.

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Cut & Strip

For all wire cutting & stripping equipment from brands such as; Wisdom, Nitronic, GLW, Rittmeyer & more


Material Handling

For all material handling equipment from brands such as; Tekwua, ProTec & more


Material Cutting

For all material cut to length equipment from brands such as; Tekuwa, Protec, Junquan & more


PCB Assmebly

For all PCB assembly

equipment from brands 

such as; Vanstron, Mekko, Layton Technologies & more


Testing Systems

For wire harness testers from Dynalab Systems.


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