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Komax ADS 115 Wire delivery system

With the Komax ads 115 wire feed system, you can feed wire gently, continuously and rapidly at high processing speeds. 

  • High processing speed thanks to an optimum storage design

  • Continuous control of dereeling speed

  • Broad range of feedable round and ribbon cables

  • Gentle wire feed

  • Optimum supplement to automatic Komax cutting and stripping machines

Komax Wire


The Komax ads 115 is a wire feed system that can be used very flexibly with Komax automatic cutting and stripping machines.You can easily change the position of the linear storage unit to put it in the ideal spot for every application.Reels up to 400mm diameter, loose rings and ribbon cable can be used on the dereeling stand.The quick clamping system allows the various reels to be changed quickly.The large linear storage unit controls the dereeling speed continuously, adapting it to the amount of wire needed.The direction of rotation can be adjusted with a tumbler switch, allowing wire to be either dereeled or wound up.

Technical Data:
ADS 115 Specs.png
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