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Cable Crimping Equipment

Please select one of the sub categories below for your requirements.

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The next level to your loose piece crimping requirements..

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GLW Crimping

High quality ferrule crimping systems from GLW Crimping Technology..

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THB Applicators

Low cost, high quality applicator crimping tools..


Mecal Crimping Systems

Evo applicators, TT press & SC19 stripping unit..

Mecmesin WTST 2.5kN

Mecmesin Wire Pull Tester

High precision wire pull tester from Mecmesin


PC-103 Press Upgrade

The PC-103 crimping press control upgrade / repair system

THB Testing Equipment

Cost effective solution for high precise tensile testers & shut height gauge..

Looking for something else?


Cut & Strip

For all wire cutting & stripping equipment from brands such as; Komax, Nitronic, Wisdom, GLW, Rittmeyer & more


Material Handling

For all material handling equipment from brands such as; Tekwua, ProTec & more


Material Cutting

For all material cut to length equipment from brands such as; Tekuwa, Protec, Junquan & more


PCB Assmebly

For all PCB assembly

equipment from brands 

such as; Vanstron, Mekko, Layton Technologies & more


Testing Systems

For wire harness testers from Dynalab Systems.


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Komax Wire
Mecal Crimping
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