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Komax F1110 Wire feeding

The F1110 is a sophisticated wire feeding system for the fully automatic wire processing machines in the Alpha and Gamma ranges. Loose coiled wire, wire drums or small wire reels can be unwound easily and consistently. The prefeeder is fully integrated into the main machine’s software via EtherCAT and can communicate with it. This synchronisation helps to ensure that maximum output can be achieved at all times.

Intelligent software for maximum performance

  • Maximum throughput due to active synchronization of machine and process

  • Automatic adjustment of the software parameters (self-learning system)

  • Stops extremely quickly when knots are detected in wires

Quick and easy setup and changeover

  • Quick wire change due to the storage arm’s separate loading/unloading positions

  • Optimized unloading position of the storage arm after the job is completed

  • Adjustable pretension for wires with a large cross section

  • Fully electric – no compressed air required

Extremely ergonomic and user friendly

  • Reliable dereeling, even for complex wire bundles and from wire racks

  • Integrated wire end detection with automatic stop

  • Machine wire line at optimal working height for the operator

  • Speed of up to 6 m/s can be adjusted directly on the prefeeder

Komax Wire

Short changeover times

Thanks to a range of mechanical and ergonomic optimisations, the changeover time has been reduced significantly in comparison to predecessor models. For example, a swivel arm with a loading and unloading position is available for feeding wire in and out. The parameters for the prefeeder (e.g. speed, acceleration) can be saved in the main machine’s HMI controller. Wire end detection ensures that the machine can be run until empty without any problem. Wire remnants are minimised.

High output

Numerous technical details ensure failure-free operation and therefore high output: The infeed speed can be directly adjusted on the prefeeder to the optimal level for the wire container and is not set lower as a preventive measure. It also synchronises with the wire processing machine and ensures optimal output. The large wire storage system enables production to continue running uninterrupted if there is a fault. There is also a by-pass option if the prefeeder is not needed for a job.

Careful wire handling

The smart wire feed system adapts to suit the type of container as well as the stability and quality of the wire material. The intelligent software allows the default settings to be continuously adjusted during production. Sudden changes of speed or excess tension are prevented by the system. If knots are found, it stops ultra-quickly so that the issue can be rectified before it causes major problems.

Technical Data:
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