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Komax ADS 123 Wire delivery system

Capable of handling reels weighing up to 600kg, this wire delivery system from the ads series (advanced delivery system) is the ultimate in heavy-duty wire delivery systems.

  • Gentle active de-reeling of large wire reels

  • Short conversion times to a variety of cross sections

  • Large storage capacity

Komax Wire


The reel clamping system and the lifting device are both motor-driven. A wide variety of wire storage systems are available for this flexible system.The drive is rated for top output and operates with absolutely minimal vibration and noise. Various setup functions make wire clamping a real breeze. Thin, flexible stranded wires and cable as well as conductors up to 35mm in diameter can be run at high rates of speed and acceleration. The wire backstop immediately detects any problems occurring in the de-reeling of the wire.

Technical Data:
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