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PC-103 Crimping Press

With the demand in our industry based upon greater operational flexibility of equipment, improved safety, and data collection – Production Technology created the answer… the PC-103 Crimp press upgrade.

  • Repair or Upgrade to machine or bench mounted crimping presses.

  • Single or three phase configuration.

  • Three phase motor optional upgrade available on certain press models.

  • New replacement footswitch.

  • New replacement sensor and bracket.

  • CPU controller and touchscreen interface.

  • RFID secure login  –  “PRO-RED”.

  • On-board RFID card programmer.

  • On-board Data Logger.

  • Intelligent applicator lighting system.

  • Input connection for Crimp Force Analyser pass/fail.

  • Suitable for presses 1 – 50 tons crimping force.

  • Full in-house installation service available.


The PC-103 crimping press control upgrade / repair system, allows users of older “mechanically good” crimping presses** to upgrade to a more modern look and feel with enhanced control features. Secure RFID login, ensures that the system is used only by trained personnel, On-board data-logger with PC serial port connection allows management to keep a track on equipment usage and any change of settings, Our innovative safety guard mounted “intelligent applicator lighting system” removes the need for additional external lighting and work area clutter.


The PC-103 will install on any single phase or three phase press with 110-240VAC motor type, and in three phase operation mode gives the user full control of motor speed – to match press speed with difficult applications, optional split cycle function for closed barrel terminals, forward and reverse jog facility, plus lots more, all controlled from intuitive software on a 3.5” colour touchscreen panel.

Whether your press is manufactured by - Mecal, Gamma, KMI, Schleuniger, Wirmec, Komax, Hanke, THB, etc…. the PC-103 will be a compatible upgrade or repair option.


**Not flywheel driven, power presses**

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