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THB Applicator Tools

THB applicator line offers a high level of quality and reliability over time.

  • Mirco-metric head as standard on rear and side feed applicators. 

  • Comes with counter as standard. 

  • No cost option to change feed from mechanical to pneumatic.

  • Spare parts kit available at an extremely competitive price.

  • Fast turn around, usually 4/5 weeks from receipt of terminals to delivery.

  • Easy to setup and adjust.


Can be fitted to any crimping press having a crimping height (measured from the applicator mounting plate to the press « T » coupling when at Bottom Dead Center) of 135.8mm ± 0.02, and can be used in both manual (for bench-top press) and automatic (for cut and strip and crimp machine) configuration. Each applicator is supplied with a complete technical documentation containing all the information needed to safely use and correctly maintain the equipment.


Easy maintenance is shown when the anvil can be replaced without removing the applicator from the press. Also as the anvil is made in two parts *wire and insulation* it is possible to replace only the worn / damaged part, saving cost on replacing spare parts.

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