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Production Technology appointed distributor of Haloblaze equipment

- Haloblaze bring you the latest development in heat shrink tube processing technology.

Osprey Heatshrink Tube Processing Machine

The Osprey device (Registered Design Protected) has been developed in-house using state of the art

CAD 3-D modelling and flow simulation software. Osprey brings together the traditional heat gun method of processing heat shrink tubing with Osprey, engineered airflow for 360 degree shrinking and safer heat gun mounting.

Combining the Osprey processing device with a Steinel Heat gun now results in a faster, more consistent shrink result every time without the need to turn the wire during operation. Processing more difficult materials such as PFTE tubing is now much faster and easier than ever before. The ergonomically designed support stand holds the head and heat gun securely for improved safety. Osprey main aluminium processing head is machined using 5-Axis CNC with a bead blasted/anodised finish.

The support stand comes as standard with brushed stainless steel body and bead blasted/anodised side panels. Osprey has been designed for use with Steinel heat guns only. We recommended use with Steinel 2320E but is compatible with all other 34mm outlet diameter Steinel pistol type guns. Set up is easy simply insert the gun outlet into the opening nozzle of the Osprey head, tighten the two locking screws provided, sit into the support stand using the hardened steel shoulder bolts and you are ready to start processing.

HDTR-D4 Heatshrink Tube Processing Machine

There are two models in the range, EcoShrink-D4 & HDTR-D4. The Eco-Shrink D4 1200w is best suited to darker applications for example, black tube, darker adhesive lined tubing whereas the HDTR-D4 (1600w) is best suited to lighter, coloured or more heavy duty materials. These new Eco-smart machines reduce costs especially when compared to the older heat gun methods due to being faster processing, safer and giving operators full quality control over the shrink process.The innovative design. Allows for full 360 degree shrink without the need to turn the cable. Quick heat up time of the lamps therefore operates for half the time of a traditional heat gun. The HDTR-D4 Heat Shrinking machine is almost totally silent and keeps the heat generated within the machine hence improving the working and safety environments for operators.


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