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Chameleon Wire & Material Pre-Feeder Launched!

Designed & manufactured by us in the UK...

Chameleon is the latest innovation to flexible material handling and pre-feeding.

• Programmable feeding speed 0 – 2.8m/s

• Programmable belt pressure with feedback monitoring.

• Low pressure detection shutdown.

• External equipment signalling and integration.

• Reversible feed direction.

• Integrated material rotary guide.

• Material size from 0.5mm – 14.5mm

• Optional material out detection system.

• Optional material size from 0.5mm – 40mm

• HMI LCD screen with status display, manual mode, and diagnostics.

• Strong polycarbonate hinged interlocked safety guard

Comprising of a modular concept to handling a range of different materials such as wire, cable, tubing and more, Chameleon can be configured to suit your application and product delivery requirements.

Chameleon has a modern sleek look, is built strong, and provides reliable performance in the production environment. All of the machines operating functions and controls are focused on the 4.3inch touch screen providing an intuitive and easy to understand operator interface with dynamic graphics to display current machine operation and settings.

The system can easily be configured to feed in either left to right, or right to left making it suitable for both USA European and far eastern machine integration.

Careful but positive material handling is important to all material processing production lines, so with Chameleon the feed system to material pressure is accurately set through the touch screen HMI and continuously monitored and adjusted to achieve 100% material delivery – even with the most difficult to handle wires and tubes.


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