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Gecko Wire De-Reeling System Released!

Designed and manufactured by us in the UK...

Our solution for your pre-feeding requirements -

·  Compressed air requirement 2 cubic feet per minute @ 60psi.

·  Cable reel centre hole >25mm

·  Cable reel weight (max) 25Kg

·  Cable reel diameter (max) 400mm

·  Cable reel width (max) 280mm

·  Dimensions (L x W x H) 73cm x 67cm x 100cm

·  Weight (excluding processing machine) 31 Kg

·  Height to table top 89cm

·  Table top size (L x W) 52cm x 55cm

·  Cable size 0 – 12mm OD

·  2 Wire normally closed O/P with dampening for error signal (optional).

·  Brake release – pneumatic switch.

The NEW Gecko is a smaller lower cost passive de-reeler alternative to the Chameleon pre-feeding system from Production Technology. It is aimed at the lower budget / less intensive customer demand for cutting smaller batches of small to medium size wires from relatively small reels. 

Gecko provides the user with a complete workstation solution whereby the processing machine, de-reeler and wire reel are contained within a small footprint, eliminating the requirement for additional workbenches and table for your wire processing area.

The system incorporates a table top suitable for most of the smaller range of Komax / Schleuniger etc.. processing machines. A strong wire reel axle with adjustable and lockable reel cone clamps, pneumatically activated brake to stop overrun, and a set of wire storage pulleys that rise and switch the compressed air to operate the brake on the axle. Gecko is very compact and a complete solution to wire and cable feeding.


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