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Tekuwa SCH Cutting Machine

  • Power supply: 230 V

  • Air consumption: 3.5 l at 6 bar

  • Air pressure: 6-10 bar

  • Electrical power connection: approx. 400 Watt

  • Length of belt feed: approx. 400 mm

  • Force of belt feed: max. 1500 N

  • Feeder opening width: max. 75 mm

  • Feeder opening height: max. 40 mm

  • Height: 530 mm

  • Width: 930 mm

  • Depth: 750mm

  • Weight: approx. 105 kg  

  • CE approved 

Tekuwa SCH Cut to length machine:

Drive opening height: max. 40 mm

Drive opening width: max. 75 mm


• Fast and easy operating via the user friendly control display.


• Software includes item and order processing.


• The installed Compact-Flash card of 128 MB permits to save up to: - 30.000 production                          programmes  

    - 300 jobs with up to 100 single positions


• Standard electrical exists protected against short circuits for de-reeler, prefeeders, coiling machines and stackers as well as marking units.


• AC-servo positioning drive with start and brake ramp control.


• Parallel driven belt feed supported by six rollers with drive measuring and with pneumatic opening and closing device. Cutting capacity up to 2000 cycles / an hour (depending on the material)


• Hydro-pneumatic cutting cylinder with guillotine, blade made of HSS-steel with cutting force from 0-15000 N or 0-30000 N

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