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Rittmeyer Coaxial Stripping

Stripping machines for big cables and designed for the processing of coax 


Stripping- and coax – head

Outer diameter up to 0.67″ (17,0 mm)

Stripping length depending from stripping machine

  • For flexible use in special installations

  • Can also be used as a “stand-alone” solution compact design

  • Continuous flow with no length limit

  • 6 blades, resulting in large cutting surface

  • Optimum cutting results

  • All mechanical functions inside the cover

  • Radial, pulling knife cut



The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a stripping machine for big cables and designed for the processing of coax and high-voltage cables from about 1,0 mm (0.04”) up to 24,0 mm (0.95”) OD (head type K1) and from about 1,0 mm (0.04″) up to 17,5 mm (0.69″) OD (head type K2) and for stripping length up to 100,0 mm (3.94”).


The machine is available in two independent versions:

Head type K1 and head type K2.


Outer diameter; 

  • head type K1: up to 0.95″ (24,0 mm)*

  • head type K2: up to 0.69″ (17,5 mm)*


stripping length up to 3.94″ (100,0 mm)

* = depending on isolation



Outer diameter up to 0.36“ (9,0 mm)

Stripping length up to 1.58“ (40,0 mm) *

* [1.47” (37,4 mm) with foot-switch]

  • Online fault analysis and upgrades

  • Linear adjustment of the blades and centering for highest precision

  • Solid stop dog for accurate stripping length

  • Linear adjustment of clamping

  • Simple, logical and self-explanatory menu guidance

  • USB – and EIA 232 interface; modem

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