PTM-8030 Cut & Strip Machine

This wire stripping and cutting machine is able to process of multi-core jacket cables. It can strip outer and inner cores simultaneously.
The applicable wire sizes range from 0.35-30 sq mm.


  • Function: cutting and stripping.

  • Applicable wire sizes: 0.35-30 square mm.

  • Strip outer jacket and inner cores of multi-conductor cables simultaneously.

  • Drive mode: 16-wheel drive (silent hybrid stepper motor, servo tool holder)

  • Belt feed system ensures no damage to the cable being processed.

  • Lead stripping: outer jacket full / part stripping 10-120mm, inner core wire full / part strip 1-120mm.

  • Trailing end stripping: outer jacket full / part stripping 10-240mm, inner core wire full / part strip 1-240mm.


  • Model - PTM-8030H

  • Display - 7 inch true color touch screen

  • Function - Cutting and stripping

  • Head peeling - MAX 120mm

  • Tail peeling - MAX 240mm

  • Wire type - Sheathed cables, PVC cables, etc.

  • Stripping range - 0.35-30mm2

  • Cutting length - 1mm-99999.9mm

  • Cutting tolerance - within 0.002*L (L=cutting length) 

  • Max catheter diameter - Φ16

  • Tool material - High quality imported high speed steel

  • Capacity - 2300pcs/h

  • Remarks - The machine can be customized for processing special cables, and the sample cable should be sent to us for test.