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ProFeed 3025 De-reeling System

The most cost effective wire de-reeling solution in the UK today.

A simple yet effective solution to providing a constant wire feed into any cutting or cut & strip machine, with traction feed belts you can be sure that your product will be handled and delivered to the machine with no damage to the outer surface.

Robust build quality & reliable trouble free simple operation.

Incorporating an electronically braked wire reel axle capable of holding up to 30kg, an integrated wire straightening system and three loop wire reservoir the ProFeed3025 is the ideal solution for small to medium size wire reels & cable diameters up to 6mmOD.


The specially coated wire traction belts obtain superior grip to the cable surface without damage, the cable is then fed into the three loop wire reservoir and can exit in either a left to right or right to left direction allowing the ProFeed3025 to be used in conjunction with either European or Oriental manufactured machinery.


The pressure of the traction belt system is easily adjusted and a top mounted emergency stop button is available to immediately halt the system and provide signalling downstream. For ease of set up we have incorporated a manual feed button with preconfigured speed setting making job change over fast & simple. 


As standard the ProFeed3025 will deliver wire at a constant rate of 2.5m/s, however we offer an option to upgrade with programmable touch screen control & increased delivery rate of up to 4m/s.

  • Belt traction wire feed

  • Operating voltage 240VAC 50Hz 

  • Power consumption 130W

  • E-Stop One, top mounted - with reset function.

  • Material Min Diameter 0.5mm OD

  • Material Max Diameter 6mm OD 

  • Delivery speed 2.5m/s

  • Reverse direction switch 

  • Three position speed selection switch

  • USB port for software updates (optional)

  • I/O connection for down stream machine interface for error/E-stop 

  • Weight Approx 59kg 

  • Dimension LxWxH 445mm x 433mm x 770mm 

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