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TC15-T Loose Piece Crimping Machine Launched!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Designed & manufactured by us in the UK...

The TC15-T is the next level to your loose piece crimping requirements.

  • No compressed air required.

  • Foot switch activated - leaves the operator free to position the wire and terminal easily.

  • Production piece control.

  • Touch screen control for pressure, time & speed settings.

  • Holds the terminal before crimping.

  • Interlocked safety guard.

  • Serial data communications protocol installed, making the TC-15T ready to connect to your integrated production environment.

Terminal Hold:

The all electric TC-15T terminal crimping machine is simple to operate and requires no compressed air. By the use of a foot switch activating the machine cycle, this leaves the user free to use both hands to accurately position the wire and terminal. The contact can be retained before the crimping process starts just by selecting the additional two-step operating mode “Terminal Hold”.

This simplifies the processing of complex crimp contacts and avoids faulty crimps, increasing your quality yield. Just in case the operator mispositions the terminal in “terminal hold” operation there is a handy front mounted cycle restart button.

Touch Screen:

Interaction with the intuitive touch screen interface allows the user to control settings such as die crimping pressure & time, crimping speed and the speed at which the jaw system opens. Of course all of these parameters can be locked out from general use with a passcode, so once the system is set it stays that way.

By integrating resistive touch screen technology, and state of the art microprocessor circuitry the TC-15T is able to offer a wealth of features not available from other manufacturers.


PRO-SAVE’ data storage utility gives users the capacity to save programs to the onboard SD card. ‘PRO-SAVE’ allows the use of lots of different die sets from different manufacturers & variations of setup configurations on one machine. Got more than one machine? Simply copy your programs and transfer to your other TC-15T machines.


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