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NX Hipot+

Dynalab NX HiPot+

  • 1000VAC/1500VDC Hipot Testing

  • Stand-alone operation

  • Supports network file transfer and reporting

  • Accurate component testing

  • Keyed security access

  • Built for rough industrial environments

  • Tests up to 2,048 test points


The Dynalab NX Hipot Tester is an economical, feature-rich, stand-alone wire harness tester offering up to 2,048 test points. The powerful NX Editor software application is used to create unique program files to successfully validate all electrical and electro-mechanical wire harness parameters.

This tester is compatible with all Dynalab NX accessories such as printers, scanners, control ports, and much more. The NX Hipot Tester supports network communications with the NX Server for efficient file transfers and advanced data collection.


For test applications that span the range from simple to complex, Dynalab’s NX Testers offer more features than the competition at a lower price!


Hipot Discrete Wire Cable Assembly

The Hipot Discrete Cable Assembly consists of 32 individual 22 AWG wires, 6 feet long, ready to be connected to a fixture board.

Hipot Discrete Wire Connector

Hipot Discrete Wire Connectors can be used to build your own interface cables with customer supplied wires. Solder terminals, no tooling required

Field Upgrades:

Hipot Test Point Boards

Each NX Hipot Test Point Board provides an additional 64 test points for any NX Hipot Tester. 


Communication Board Kit

Adds two additional RS-232 serial ports to connect to a printer or scanner, & one network port to connect to the NX Server.

NX View:

Enhance the NX Tester's graphics & reporting capabilities with the NX View software application.

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