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Nitronic ST730

Cutting edge rotary stripping technology from Swiss Manufacturer Nitronic. 


The ST730T meets all the requirements for a flexible wire processing machine. Challenging stripping of coax- or triaxial cable is a breeze for the ST730T to handle. Of course, multi-conductor cable or single wire with special insulation such as Kapton or Teflon can also be processed.

The handling is very easy: insert the cable and the sensor will start the stripping cycle. The ST730T strips the outer jacket, the shield as well as the dielectric within seconds very precisely.


The implemented MicroCoax Mode allows processing of small coaxial cables down to a conductor diameter of 0.1mm (AWG 38). The resolution of the ST730T increases up to 1/1000mm (0.00004 Inches) and the clamps closes smoother.

The ST730T is the first and unique machine on the market that is able to process such a wide range of coaxial cables and impresses, due to its high quality workmanship, longevity and guaranties the highest flexibility with sustained productivity! Each cable can be saved with specific data such as customer, article number, type or other text. A search function allows to find quickly stored cables.

Set up times are practically eliminated because when selecting stored cable parameters the machine sets itself up. The graphical display with touch screen supports the user in the setup of the cable. The cable is illustrated exactly as programmed; setting up time is reduced to the max. Stripping parameters can be protected by selecting a password through authorised personnel.

  • Outer cable diameter           max. 7 mm (0.28“), Resolution 0.01mm / MicroCoax Mode 0.001mm (0.00004“)

  • Stripping Length                   max. 30 mm (1.18”), Resolution 0.1mm / MicroCoax Mode 0.01mm (0.0004“) 

  • Special operations                MicroCoax Mode

                                                    Partial Strip


                                                    Twisting of wire strands

                                                    Up to 9 Steps

  • Diameter feed rate                  Programmable

  • Start cycle                               With Sensor or Foot Pedal (optional)

  • Clamping force                        Adaptive

  • Interface                                   RS232

  • Weight                                       8.4kg

  • Power Supply                            100-230 VAC

  • Memory                                     1000 cables with text

  • Options :                                   Foot pedal

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