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Second User - Komax Gamma 311 

Great condition Komax Gamma 311.

  • This machine has just had a full overhaul by Production Technology, resulting in an extremely good condition piece of equipment.

  • On-board de-reeling system.

  • Two crimping stations.

  • Crimp force analysers.

  • Wire end and knot detection.

  • Wire deposit system.

  • Fast and easy operation.

Enquire for more information or book to view this system at our Warrington showroom.

  • Length range 60mm-10m

  • Length accuracy +/- 1mm resp. <0.2%, depending on wire length

  • Length measurement via stepping motor

  • Stripping lengths 0.1-30mm on side 1 - 0.1-13mm on side 2

  • Wire cross-section 0.05-2.5mm2 

  • Insulation materials PVC, Teflon, Kynar, Silicone, Milene, Nylon, Neoprene, Fiberglass

  • Wire feed rate max. 3m/s

  • Pneumatic pressure 5-6 bar.

  • Weight 410kg

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