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JQ6100 cutting machine

In-stock ready for delivery.

Available for purchase or lease.

Material Cutting

A versatile and reliable machine for cutting to length wire, sleeving, heatshrink tubing, plastic piping etc...



JQ6100 Cut to length machine:

A versatile and fast cut to length machine, that operates on electricity alone (NO Compressed air). The machine is setup using the intuitive control panel, where the operator enters data such as length, number of pieces, and processing speed. with polyurethane drive rollers and a 100mm cutting blade this machine is the perfect solution to high volume, high precision, material processing


Value for money

OK so no one wants to spend a fortune on a machine to just cut material to length. But with the JQ6100 from Production Technology you can have quality, reliability, and the best price all in one... 

Key Points:

  • Maximum cutting width 100mm

  • Cut length 1 - 99999mm

  • Max speed 100 Pieces per minute @100mm length

  • Power requirements 230 VAC

  • Weight 25 KG

JQ6100 Cutting Machine
JQ6100 Cutting Machine
JQ6100 Cutting Machine
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