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Wire & Material Pre-Feeder

Our solution to your pre-feeding requirements.

Designed & manufactured by Production Technology, in the UK.



Chameleon is known for reliability and simple operation through innovative design and modern electronic systems. Chameleon-S is everything Chameleon but with a powerful servo system that provides a constant pulling torque throughout the speed range, this enables Chameleon-S to deliver materials from heavier reels or drums consistently without slippage whilst still retaining a class leading 3.7m/s feed speed.

Chameleon-S has a modern sleek look, is built strong, and provides reliable performance in the production environment. All of the machines operating functions and controls are focused on the 4.3inch touch screen providing an intuitive and easy to understand, state of the art pre-feeder operator interface with dynamic graphics and integrated LED indication system to display current machine operation, status, and settings, plus a Bluetooth diagnostics interface as standard.

The system can easily be configured to feed in either left to right, or right to left making it suitable for USA, European, and far eastern machine integration.

Careful but positive material handling is important to all material processing production lines, with Chameleon-S the feed system to material pressure is accurately set through the touch screen HMI and continuously monitored and adjusted to achieve 100% material delivery – even with the most difficult to handle wires and tubes.

The base machine is the heart of the operation, it can be bench mounted or attached to the purpose designed floor stand. Currently we offer two material sensing systems ROLLER or OPTICAL. It is possible to configure Chameleon-S with either or both, and swap from wire and cable processing to flexible tubing using the touch screen HMI. You can add either sensing system at a later date if your application changes.

If your processing machine doesn’t have the capability to detect “end of material” you can opt for our highly sensitive capacitive material run out sensor – it detects any material presence and absence from small heat shrink, to polyurethane tube, to wire and cable all without contact to the material itself! It provides a signal to your machine that the material is coming to an end through an external emergency stop circuit or safety system interlock – contact us for more information and customised solutions.


Chameleon base machine –

The base machine can be mounted on a suitable work bench in the production area, or mounted on our specifically designed floor stand. Choose your factory configured direction of feed and whether you require material run out detection and machine integration or not. The feed direction can be changed by the customer very easily after delivery to suit various machine configurations.


Chameleon floor stand – 

The purpose designed floor stand can be bought in two configurations

- A basic floor stand with outrigger legs and six adjustable levelling feet – strong and sturdy with 40mm x 40mm x 2mm section.

- Advanced floor stand with outrigger legs and six adjustable levelling feet, plus material axle with locking centering cones and

active pneumatically operated powerful disc braking (controlled from the Chameleon base machine).

Roller or Optical material sensor system –

• The optional roller detection system provides a 3.5m reservoir of material within the three sets of nylon rollers. The top rollers are fixed in position to the Chameleon-S, while the bottom rollers glide vertically as the material is drawn by the downstream machine. Height sensing is obtained by a precision draw wire sensor. The operating range of the lower roller set is calibrated through the touch screen HMI system, so the amount of material in the reservoir at any one time can be controlled. As demand from the downstream machine is detected, the Chameleon-S effortlessly refills the wire reservoir maintaining a constant feed and constant material tension for accurate processing lengths using its powerful servo motor system.

• The optional optical material sensor system is the replacement for our MHS-1200 optical sensor. The new optical sensor is a vertical tower array of retro reflective industrial grade photosensors. With a material handling capacity of 4 – 40mm OD the optical tower is the best solution for sensing demand on large diameter tubing and harness protection sleeving.

Each of the five sensors can be adjusted for position and the corresponding feed speed can be set for each sensor in the touch screen HMI of the Chameleon-S base system. Because the optical tower puts no tension on the material zero stretch can be achieved therefore maintaining cut length consistency and accuracy.

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