Second User - Artos CS326

Perfect condition overhauled Artos CS-326B cut and strip machine. 

  • This machine has just had a full overhaul by Production Technology, resulting in an extremely good condition piece of equipment

  • Complete with sturdy metal bench.

  • Windows GUI Software.

  • All new - blades / wire drive belts / internal drive belts / mouse / keyboard / monitor.

  • Quick and easy blade replacement.

  • Internal LED lighting system.

  • Pneumatic out-feed belt opener system to allow the out-feed drive to be opened while stripping the leading wire end. Recommended for applications requiring stripping greater then 50 mm on both wire ends, typically multi-conductor cables.

  • 12 month Production Technology parts & labour warranty (Subject to terms & conditions)

Enquire for more information or book to view this system at our Warrington showroom.

The CS-326 features a powerful servo driven design, able to provide a degree of speed and accuracy that’s simply not possible with stepper motor designs.


By combining these two innovations into one electronic design, Artos makes your wire stripping duties fast, reliable and economical. With the optional work table, you can roll this machine up and plug it in near any workstation in your plant.